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Image Use Policy

Thank you for your interest in our Royalty Free Images. Please read the image use policies below:

Attention all new and existing retail & resale partners: This form is aimed to set out the policies towards our photography & images, including format, content and copyright. It is our intention to keep our photography and brand elements consistent across all retail channels, and ensure that our products are advertised under the correct branding.

Qualified customers may use images only for the sole purpose of promoting and reselling our line of products. Users may download, print, photocopy, and distribute these images for their commercial use, provided that the trademark "Great Pretenders®" is included in the product or sales description. Users who place any image on their web site or any social media channels, in advertising, catalogues and/or sales materials must place the "Great Pretenders®" mark next to or on the image itself. Do not crop or alter the image without specific permission. By signing this policy and returning to Creative Education of Canada, Inc. the undersigned acknowledges they have the authority to agree to this policy, confirms receipt of this policy and agrees to abide to the terms and conditions as outlined. All materials provided by Creative Education of Canada, Inc. are copyright © Creative Education of Canada, Inc.


* Please note: You only need to register once. You do not need to register with each image request.